Terms and Conditions

Brother's warehouse in USA is mainly for logistic purposes, where we unload containers followed by a flatbed truck delivery. 

However we do keep a minimum amount of slabs in stock, for customers who need a fast replenishment. 

Prices shown in the website does not include shipping, so please ask us how much more for delivery on a truck. 

1- How to buy:
1.1- Minimum order: 
Minimum order is of 1 (one) bundle. However we strongly recommend you to buy at least 3 or 4 bundles at a time since cost for delivery on a truck from 1 or to 7 bundles will be the same. That means the more slabs you can buy at a time, the cheaper freight cost will actually be. 
1.2- Choosing your bundles: 
You can choose any bundle you see available online. You can mix colors anyway you want too. Just make sure to reserve the entire bundle and not single slabs. 
You can simply browse thru all our website. If you want to see everything we have in stock, make sure to visit the Full Inventory Tab. If you are looking for good deals make sure to visit the On Sale and Outlet tabs. If you are constantly visiting our website, you might want to keep an eye at the new arrivals and coming soon tabs. 
Please notice that when you click on a bundle you will see the detailed information from that bundle, including the “comments” section and the slabs information. Please read all information from that bundle before you reserve it. 

If you like that bundle, please click on Add All Slabs. Or you can add each slab to the cart too if you prefer. 

1.3- Submitting the order: 
Once you select the bundles for your order, click on the shopping cart located on the top right corner of the website. Then click on "View Cart” to review the order or Submit Hold to send the reservation.

Notice that this is just a simple reservation and you do not need to commit to that order if you decide not to.

Once inside your shopping cart, you can delete bundles, write comments and even send this order as just a wish list, so you can decide later to reserve it or not. 

If you want to keep these bundles on hold, make sure to submit the order once you are done selecting your bundles. The materials will only be on hold for you once you submit the order. The system does not actually hold any bundle before you submit the order. 
Please notice that once you submit an order, it does not mean you are fully commited to buy that particular order. Once the order is submited we understand that it is an order proposal, and our sales department will then contact you to finilize all details, such as send Pro Forma and actual shipping costs for your final approval before committing to the order. 
Once the order is submited, all bundles will automatically be on hold for you and you can access your orders at My Account -> Orders History, or just copy and paste this link at your internet browser: http://www.brothersingraniteusa.com/Records.aspx
You can not delete orders or bundles nor even change bundles once you submitted the order. Instead, you should contact your sales representative to do so for you. 
At Orders History you can always follow up with all your orders. Once the order is shipped, we will always update its status until delivered. You can also download documents and follow up with pending Invoices, etc. Please make sure to always visit the Your Orders page since it will contain everything you need to know about all orders with us. 

Notice that we do not mind holding orders for a while until you decide to go ahead or not with it. Feel free also to place mock orders just so you can see final numbers and understand all savings and benefits by importing from us!

IMPORTANT: For the full guide of how to buy using our website, please watch this video below: 
2- Quality guarantees: 
Please pay close attention to the section found inside each bundle details which says “descriptions". There you will find any notes we have about any problems on any material available in our inventory. 
Please make sure to always check also the slab quantity, sizes and other details about the bundle you are holding, such as composition, thickness, etc.
3- Inspection Report: 
After you submit the order, our sales representative will contact you to finalize the order. Once finalized, they will send you the Pro Forma, Packing List and actual shipping quote along with a inspection report by e-mail. In this inspection report it will be described any comments we might have about the materials selected, for the case you missed the “descriptions" section inside each bundle detail.
Only after your final approval by e-mail on the Inspection Report your truck will be sent. 
4- Claims / Warantees: 
For the case you still find any problems on the materials after their arrival, which were not described at “descriptions" nor in the inspection report, we take full responsibility by giving discounts on the same or on a next order, or even refund you back entirely. 
5- Delivery: 
Once you submit your order we will get back to you with actual costs for delivery on a truck. We will be sending our Pro Forma with shipping included and pictures for your final review before shipping.
6- Transit Time: 
These bundles available in our website from Brothers In Granite USA are ready in stock in our warehouse in Houston. Once your order is confirmed we can truck it to you immediately. 
7- Terms of payment: 
Our usual terms of payment is 50% in advance (before loading the truck) + 50% upon arrival.

In case you want extended terms,  you would need to let us know the name of at least 2 companies you already buy from with terms for after arrival. Once a business relationship is established with us, then we should be able to improve your terms for a percentage for after arrival. Please make sure to let your sales executive know that this is something you seek with us and we will be happy to explain you some more about it. 
8- Customers References / Brothers' reputation: 

We are part of an association called Stone Fabricators Alliance (www.stonefabricatorsalliance.com) from which the majority of our customers come from. This is a non-profit organization with main objective to share information and expertise about the stone industry in USA and Canada. Mostly formed by stone fabricators, most of its members know us very well and they would be happy to share with you about our reputation. 

We are very transparent when regarding to the quality of the stones we sell. We display pictures and notes of all details cornering the materials shown in our website. All problems any materials eventually have will be described at the “descriptions” section from the details of each bundle. Furthermore, once you select your bundles you want from us we will make sure to point out those problems again by email in case you didn’t pay attention while selecting your order. 

In case you still find any problems once you receive the container we will take full responsibility on it by providing you credit for a future order or even refunding you back entirely. 

We stay behind the products we sell and you won’t be disappointed. Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to send you by email a list with some of our current customers so you can call and check references about us. 

9- Method of payments:
1- The most common method of payment used by our customers is wire transfers thru banks. In this case only the regular bank fee should be charged by your bank when transferring money either to our account in Houston or Miami. 

2- Credit Card: We accept payments by Credit Cards thru Paypal. In this case a fee of 2.9% should be applied.

- In case you have interest, we can suggest you with a financing company (ascentiumcapital.com) which works as a bank for loans to finance your imports. They usually charge 1% of interest per month. Please let us know in case you want to know more about this. 

- Unfortunately we do not accept checks.

10- Getting ready to roll!
We’d like to encourage you to give us a try. All you need to do now is to select from 1 to 7 bundles of whatever you like from our website. Once you do that, we will send you a Pro Forma and Packing List along with pictures and inspection report for your final review.

We will be sending you also the complete shipping costs all included until the slabs are delivered on flatbed truck to your door.

So with all this in hand you will know exactly how much everything will cost and how profitable and easy it really is to buy from us! 

Please go ahead and select your bundles by accessing the link below. If you don’t want to commit with those 7 bundles, don’t worry! Just tell us this is just a simulation order and we will guide you thru the process until you are finally ready to roll!


Please take a minute also to read more about us at www.brothersingranite.com/blog
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